Report Aims to ‘Reframe’ Medical Meetings Industry


The medical meetings industry must address three crucial areas of concern if it is to thrive in a new era of transparency, according to a report by MCI, the professional congress organiser.

Medical associations need ‘renewal’, the industry as a whole needs a chairman or ‘prolocutor’, and those involved in medical meetings need to collaborate, the 44-page paper concludes.

‘How Successful Medical Meeting Leaders Reach Their Goals – Lessons from 13 Experts’ is the first paper in MCI’s healthcare series and draws on first-hand accounts from medical associations.

“Well-documented changes to healthcare compliance have ushered in a new era of transparency, with reporting mechanisms being rolled-out today that would have been thought of as unnecessary and unworkable just a few years ago,” said Simon Dufaur, MCI global director, Cardiology & Haematology Accounts and the report’s co-author.

“Key findings from the benchmarking study allowed us to identify three ‘reframing must-haves’ to help the medical meeting industry adapt to these new realities, influence stakeholders and develop an innovative new ecosystem.”

Cerstin Steindorf, MCI global account director Healthcare and co-author of the paper, added:  “We see immense opportunities for those segments of the medical meetings industry that choose to lead the development of this new framework and focus attention on innovations and progressive developments that improve healthcare value and patient care.”